An Update from Marie

At the April 2024 Women Helping Women event, Marie St. Amour, Director of the CWO Feminine Training Centers in Haiti, shared an update and her heart for the ministry. Below is what Marie shared with the group.
Standing with Marie is her husband Joel St. Amour, CWO National Director for Haiti.

Feminine Training Center in Port-au-Prince

Seventy-five ladies were enrolled at the Feminine Training Center in October 2023, however not all have been able to attend class because of the social-political crises in the country, specifically in Port-au-Prince. Sometimes crossing certain areas to go to the Center is so dangerous that students and teachers are constrained to stay home. We had to ask everyone to stay home until further notice.  The sociopolitical situation in the country started right after the death of the president. In the midst of the crises, we were always held classes.

Spiritually we have a weekly chapel where the Gospel is shared, and we pray and worship together. We thank the Lord for changing the lives of many women during these times of blessing. We are thankful to the Lord for protecting students, teachers and staff as well as the CWO building.

While other schools received envelopes with threatening messages requesting money, we never received such envelopes or messages. People have been forced to flee from their homes. We thank you for your continued prayers!

Feminine Training Center in LaJuene

We already started the Children’s Feeding Program in LaJuene. I noticed a few girls were cleaning and doing the dishes. I talked to them, but they did not respond. I asked why they don’t answer me. Then someone told me that they are deaf and mute, using a sign language interpreter. I asked them whether they would like to attend the cooking and baking classes as well as the floral art class. They were so happy that they clapped their hands and jumped and were smiling! The answer was yes, yes, yes! Then they were enrolled in the classes. They are brilliant students, very talented and they perform well in class. With the skills they are learning at the LaJuene FTC, they will not have a miserable life and will not be among the outcasts. In the life of those deaf and mute girls, CWO is making a big difference!

Marie helps to prepare food for the Culinary Program in LaJuene, Haiti.

Exposition Center

There is a space at our facility in LaJuene where perishable items are preserved in a freezer and a refrigerator. We take advantage of the space to make ice and sell it to the community. It doesn’t produce a lot of funds, but in the long run it will add up to help the LaJuene FTC meet some of its day to day expenses.

There is a small beauty salon where the advanced FTC students can do their practicum. The same space is open to the public for pedicures, manicures, and hair dressing for special occasions like weddings. The small funds go partly to the women and the rest is saved for buying an industrial machine that will be used to make items in quantity to sell. I recently went to Walmart and saw a nurse’s uniform labeled “Made in Haiti.”  This opened my eyes to understand that there are things we can make and sell abroad.

Whether teaching women or feeding children, Marie has a true passionate heart for the people of Haiti!

The CWO ministry in Haiti is thankful to all those who are working tirelessly at the CWO head office as well as the faithful CWO partners. God has been using you to keep the ministry going.

May the Lord bless you!

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