Getting Ready for a Short-Term Mission Trip

Getting ready for a short-term mission trip can be so exciting. There are so many things to get ready for. You need to get your support letters written and mailed. You have to get your supplies for the trip no matter what venture it is. You have to pack your bags. You have to prepare for your trip whether it be a Vacation Bible School, construction, medical or any other type of trip. At least these are the things that I do before a trip.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to go on so many trips and each time I get so excited for this process. One thing I can easily overlook and that is arguably the most important part is preparing my heart. I can often get so excited about the less important things I forget to pray over my trip. I forget to ask God to give me the right mindset and heart for all I am about to face. I forget to pray for each life that we will come in contact with. I forget to pray that God will bond the team so we can bring all the glory to Him.

I think getting the right support financially, getting your bags packs and finishing up your VBS lessons and other plans and preparations are all good things. These are all things that God wants us to prepare, but I think there is more God wants from us. As we prepare for each mission trip we should be fully seeking God’s guidance and wisdom. In fact this should be how we live our lives day to day, seeking God first and allowing him to guide the steps as you go on your way.

Sarah Yoder – CWO Trip Participant