Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso is one of the poorest countries in the world. Drought, poor soil, a low literacy rate and an economy vulnerable to external shocks make Burkina a fragile state. Yet, the Burkinabe have a real desire to learn, transform their lives and hear about Jesus.

Child labor, child trafficking, poverty and minimal natural resources have led to numerous challenges for the Burkinabe people. Even though the government continues to take steps to combat these and many other hardships, life can be difficult in Burkina Faso. Although few Burkinabe have had a formal education and the majority of the population is illiterate, the people are warm and resilient.

Knowing the success and impact of the Feminine Training Centers in Haiti, the Village of Hope asked CWO to come to Burkina and establish a similar vocational training center. Ministry began in Burkina in 2002. The Village of Opportunity (VOO)  has graduated three classes of young women. We’ve also completed construction on classrooms, dormitories, guest and teacher housing, a wall around the perimeter of the property and several other small buildings and projects. Now our students in Burkina live and learn in updated, safe surroundings.

The CWO Mobile Clinic ministry began in 2010. Based in Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina, the Mobile Clinic brings basic medical care and medications to small villages where people have little to no access to healthcare. We partner with small village churches and work alongside them to provide medical care and an opportunity for clinic patients to hear the Gospel. Many people have been healed physically because of the CWO Mobile Clinic, but even more people have heard the Good News of Jesus Christ because of the evangelical opportunities the clinic provides. Our vision is to continue to lead others to Jesus in Burkina!

Village of Opportunity Cooking School!

The Village of Opportunity cooking classes officially started early in November, 2021! Currently there are 9 students enrolled in the classes with the potential for 10-15 students to be enrolled in subsequent years. It is CWO’s hope that the cooking school will become self sufficient by 2024. As a tuition-based program, students are paying $180 per year to attend the school. We’re excited to see how God will work through the new cooking classes.

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Watch an update from Burkina Faso from VOO Director Dina Compaore!

Making a difference ... in Burkina Faso!