Your Support Makes a Difference

Whether you give financially, join our prayer email, volunteer time, go on a trip or tell others about CWO, we thank you!

There is no greater way to support CWO than through prayer. CWO belongs to God; it’s His ministry. Your prayers make a real and eternal difference in the lives of those we serve. We are grateful for all those who join us in prayer every week through our prayer email.

Volunteering your time and talent is a huge blessing to CWO. Those who give their time in the office, in the field and by joining committees are invaluable to our ministry.

You support CWO by being a part of a short-term trip. You learn first-hand what goes into each ministry. When you share your experiences you allow others to know about God’s work through CWO.

When you tell others about CWO you allow others to learn about the ministry. You can help to spread the word about how we are making a difference.

Your financial gift goes to support ministry. We can’t operate without your financial contributions. Whether you are a monthly donor or give periodically, your gift is making a difference in the countries where we serve.