“I am grateful for what CWO has done for me…”

The CWO Children’s Feeding Program is helping to raise healthy children into healthy adults! Located at Delmas 31, the program is in a suburb area of Port-au-Prince. Children receive a hot meal three times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Most children come from the Delmas 31 neighborhood but others will walk 2-3 kilometers. In addition to the hot meal, children learn to pray, and sing songs and are taught a life skill.

The following young people, who were part of the program when they were younger, have shared how the program helped them during their childhood:

StanleyStanley Ria shared, “I used to go to school on an empty stomach but I was waiting for the school day to end so that I could go and eat on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at the CWO Feeding Program. Those days were different since I could find a decent and sustaining meal three days per week. I have completed my high school and I am grateful for what CWO had done for me through the Feeding Program.”

JuniorJunior Paul told us, “The food that CWO used to provide for me as a child was very useful. I could not wait to the end of the school day so that I could go and eat at the Feeding Program on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I am now thanking the supporters of the program. The food was good for me so much so that I now complete my high school. I want other children to benefit from the program as well.”

TorbeckTorbeck Widlèmson said, “The Feeding Program is doing a lot of good for the children in the community. Thank you for the food you provided for me when I was a child. The meals gave a great start. I just completed my high school. Such fulfillment would not be possible without the meals I received at the CWO Feeding Program during my childhood.”

PetersonPeterson Aristil told us, “My brother and I are twins. We quit school at the 7th grade because our mother did not have the means to keep us in school. We were fed three times a week at the CWO Feeding Program. Now we are young men and we are fending for ourselves. I am doing taxi moto, transporting people on a motorcycle for pay. The same way the Feeding Program was good to me, it is also good to others like me.”

Thank you for helping CWO make a difference in the lives of so many!