A Fatherless Son Helps Molds Other Fatherless Sons

Solami Myeni is the son of Thembi Myeni, the co-founder of the Single Moms Raising Sons ministry. He shares about his journey as a fatherless son that led to his role leading and molding other fatherless sons.

The death of James Avery was hard for many to take. Fatherless kids who grew up watching The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air saw a man who played the role of a father to a boy who he had no blood relation with. We saw Will go through many challenges and Uncle Phil was always there to help him overcome and mold him into the man he would become.

Growing up without a father was not amiss because of the many men who stood up and took it upon themselves to help me. I can still remember the man who taught me how to ride a bike. This man was not my father, but he spoke wisdom into my life and constantly looked to make me a better man. This was not a perfect situation but one that helped mold me growing up. Because of men like him, I never felt the gap of not having a father. My mother being open to me about getting mentored and her understanding that I needed male attention was also very important.

In grade 6 I was introduced to Christ who I had always known about but never really knew. I began to understand who He is and who I was to Him. This developed more and more as I got to know God the Father. The relationship we have with God as our Father allows us to be more than we can imagine. As men we carry a lot of unnecessary weight, and it is often because we think a man must be able to carry anything. As a male raised by a single mother, I was taught that we are the man of the house. This means that a lot of burdens we carry are often taught to us by society.

Psalm 55:22 says, “Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken.”  How many times do you see men carrying unnecessary burdens? When we understand God our Father, we start understanding the access we have to Him. This cannot be realized unless we access these benefits. From the peace that surpasses all understanding to healing, He is the coat of many colors, but we limit Him to few colors. This realization is what helped me over the years and continues to grow my relationship with my heavenly Father as I learn more of the colors. 

The Men Moulding Men camp was born out of these experiences. Many boys grow up without father figures or positive male role models. Many fathers grew up as fatherless men so the ability to be a father is new to them. Mistakes are made because of the lack of knowledge and lack of understanding. At Men Moulding Men, we aim to work through these issues. We work to teach the boys who their heavenly Father is, teaching them that their identity is found in Him. This allows us to teach them the levels of trust, how they should trust God above all else. How do we help heal older men so they can be able to mentor and plug the gap for the many fatherless men? How does SMRS (Single Moms Raising Sons) work in healing the moms, so they allow these men to work with their sons? The two work hand in hand, it is imperative that we work with both to ensure these young boys have access to the same or even better positive male role models that I had. 

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  1. Paula Daniel on

    What a wonderful testimony Salomi.
    You can have a mother and father and come from dysfunction still having both. Thank God through Jesus Christ that he came to reveal the father and the Father’s Heart To Us and he came as the way to lead us and guide us in trusting and revealing how good father is. God bless you!


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