The HIV/AIDS epidemic has taken a dramatic toll on the people of Zambia. Many are HIV-positive, have been orphaned by the disease and struggle to find hope in the future. With more than 60% of the people living below the poverty line, Jesus is a beacon of hope in their daily struggles.

CWO began working in Zambia in 2001, offering HIV/AIDS prevention education. It soon became obvious that in addition to education, there was a strong need to serve and care for boys and young men from a local township who live without help or hope. Out of this need, the Outreach & Discipleship Program was born.

In Zambia we reach out to young men who have been shunned by society. These young men are invited to meet with us weekly to share a meal, enjoy a Bible study and discuss hardships or concerns in their lives. We see marked improvements as they develop a sense of self-respect and self-worth. All of the young men receive medical care, medical advocacy, food, encouragement and support. Outreach to these vulnerable young men and boys demonstrates Christ’s love in a powerful way.

Through our HIV/AIDS Prevention & Education Program we help educate Zambians and dispel the stigma often associated with HIV/AIDS. We teach sustainable prevention and focus on behavior choices and the reasons behind them. Prevention education is taught regularly throughout the community. The program makes a great impact when individuals learn a scientific and cultural view as well as a Christian view, thus diffusing many cultural myths.

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Quick Fact – An average of 140 people each month participated in HIV/AIDS prevention education through CWO in 2015.

Making a Difference … in Zambia!