Political turmoil, drought, a failing infrastructure and food shortages have led to considerable economic hardships in Zimbabwe. Yet hope and a desire to know Jesus remain.

Website kids playingThe HIV infection rate in Zimbabwe is one of the highest in the world. With a low life expectancy, high HIV infection rates and a growing Muslim influence, Zimbabwe is prime for programs that lead to change and an understanding of God’s Word. Since the mid-1990s, the Zimbabwean infrastructure has been deteriorating rapidly. Political turmoil, drought and food shortages have also led to considerable economic struggle. CWO began working in Zimbabwe in 2001, providing leadership development programs. Then pastors and leaders began sharing with us how many single- and double-orphaned children reside in Zimbabwe. From this need the “Our Kids” program was started. We’re honored to show Christ in action to those in Zimbabwe!

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Quick Fact - With over 300 “OK” children, we provide families with funds for school fees, school uniforms, writing books, textbooks, medical care and food kits for each child for only $40 per month.

Making a Difference ... in Zimbabwe!